Rideshare Drivers ...

truly among the unsung heroes of our time

That is one of the stories we're trying to tell here, YOURS! Drivers essentially risk their life and well being, overuse and risk damage to their vehicle, all in exchange for the opportunity to potentially make a few bucks in their spare time. While there are satisfying moments after helping good people get to their destinations safely. We embrace the view of one of our top drivers who describes his experience like this ...

Doc Holliday - Profile Pic (p).png

"98% of the time it's an absolutely wonderful experience and the people you meet are amazing. That other 2% ... well that other two percent can suck on toes cause they're some of the worst people you can imagine and I hope the zombies get them first"

If you're a veteran driver we're happy to have you aboard. We will be sharing stories from the driver's seat hoping to make you laugh, but also bring light to some of the abuses you may have endured in your time on the road. Below you'll find links to our entertaining content, as well as our forums and social media profiles where you can share with the community. Be sure to subscribe and over time let's see if we can make ridesharing better together!

For new drivers, don't let the assholes scare you off. Yes, they do exist, but keep in mind that 98% of the people you'll meet while driving that are totally awesome! Be sure to subscribe and stick around. While this site will never technically be a rideshare training site, we hope that over time it will be packed with actionable real-world information to help drivers and riders have the best experience.

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