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Old Payphones

Have something to say?

It is our pleasure to introduce you to the Nuberville News Hotline. We invite you to share with us and let your voice be heard!

We want to hear your stories, questions, feedback, and more. When creative folks like you get involved, who knows what we might come up with.


When you're ready, just tap the number below on your smartphone, or give us a call at that number and share your perspective with us today! We'll pick our favorites for future Nuberville videos, and then give you a shout out if we feature your call.

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 Tips on being selected 

We're very excited to hear from everyone, but not every call will be included in a future Nuberville video. We don't look forward to picking and choosing. We simply want to ensure that the call is somewhat entertaining AND will be understandable on playback.

We apologize in advance if you're call is not chosen, but here are some tips to help get your call selected to be featured:

where to begin

At the beginning of your message be sure to clearly state the name (or nickname) you would like the message attributed to, where you're calling from (city/state/country), and the reason for your call.

Good Example: Hi, this is Jeff calling from New Orleans, Louisianna. I'm a driver and I have a funny story from a ride.

Bad Example: Hi , I drive and I'm calling about a bad passenger. 

about your message

As long as your message is clear and understandable, the primary consideration is whether your call is informative or entertaining in nature. We're excited to hear from everyone, but in order to be featured your message should either be informative in such a way that others can learn from it and/or something fun we can have a laugh about.

Below you will find some good examples and bad examples to help illustrate what we'll be looking for when selecting calls to feature.

Good Examples: 


  • Stories that we can have a laugh about.

  • Light-hearted stories about awesome people you may have met

  • Questions about things on your mind, particularly those that might be beneficial for others to think about

  • Tips and tricks from your experience that others may find helpful.

  • Even a funny joke, or song request! Don't forget we're on this site to have some fun!

Bad Examples: 


  • Calling out real people by name to mock or ridicule them.

  • Messages centered on hatred, bigotry, and/or threats of violence.

  • Don't call and try to turn it into a commercial for yourself.*

*If you are an Artist, Entrepreneur, etc. ... feel free to take the opportunity to give yourself a shout out at the end of your message. However, this is not a free commercial for your business. Don't be extra for nothin.

YOU: after the call

*completely optional

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

After finishing your message feel free to text any extra information that you think would compliment your submissions such as links to supporting articles/documents, link to your Instagram (or other social media), pictures both topical and of your the storyteller (such as a selfie to accompany your shout out, if you are selected of course). Then go like some of our older posts while you kick back and wait to see if you're message is selected to be featured.

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By contacting us and submitting your content in the form of voicemail, audio transmissions, video, photographs, text and other forms of digital media, you hereby represent you are the owner of said content with the authority to authorize its use by third-parties.  By submitting your content you also grant Nuberville.com and it's agents and associates the authority to repost, retransmit, broadcast, and otherwise redistribute the content, in part or in whole, and waive any and all royalties, licensing fees, or any other form of compensation for use of said content. 


Founder's Note: Our desire is to share real people's stories by producing entertaining, educational, and informative content for our audience. We wish to give credit where credit is due, while additionally providing anonymity when desired. We are not looking to capture your information for profit nor print your images on a t-shirt for profit without consulting you. Your data and your intellectual property will be treated with respect here. Submitting your story is meant to be fun. We hope you'll join us on this adventure.

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