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Hey everyone, Doc here! Well, that's what most people call me around Nuberville, but online I go by the name @MrDocHollidaze.

This being my first blog post here I just wanted to extend a brief introduction to let you know what I'm about. I'm about GAMING! I talk about it so much my bosses told me to take over a piece of the blog and make it my own. That's exactly what I intend to do. Maybe you found this post through one of my social media pages. If you didn't, you should check out those links below.

I don't know what gamer means to you, but I game at least a little bit every day. Those off-days are pretty much when I'm up in the mountains or down at the beach in chill mode. Even then, I just seem to switch from video games to other types of games.

I am a gaming enthusiast, but I am not a professional gamer and I don't pretend to be. I have a lot of fun playing games, and I like to share that fun and add in some funny videos and memes too. Who knows where it could lead, but for now the bosses gave me the green light and I've got nothing better to do before the Nuberville game launches.

The Virtual Reality

Years ago I became fascinated with 360 photography and videos. A lot of work was going into getting Virtual Reality (VR) into consumers' hands, but It required an upfront investment to participate, and with some extra bucks, you can make the experience more and more immersive. So I shied away from it for a few years now, but recently I experienced VR in its modern state and my passion has re-awoken in a big way.

I had noticed people talking about the Oculus Quest 2, and I noticed stores were selling out daily. It still just wasn't on my radar, primarily because of the price. We've been playing the Switch pretty heavily over the last year and I gotta tell ya, in the limited cases where VR was an option on the Switch games, deep in my gut I was curious. I wasn't about to buy the cardboard Labo, the thought of revisiting VR through cardboard was just not interesting. I actually have some old cardboard setups and considered using the lenses in those to give it a try, but I just wasn’t interested enough.

Trover Saved Me

One day, completely by accident, I discovered the @squanchgames Instagram page (shout out, be sure to follow them). I thought "Squanch ... like Rick and Morty", and sure enough it's the creative gaming hijinx of Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland. When I saw the gameplay of Trover Saves the Universe I was very excited at where VR was seemingly at these days.

I didn't have a headset, but fortunately, Trover is available for Playstation, Xbox, and Switch. I bought it for Xbox under the agreement that I would "shut the f**k up about buying an Oculus Quest". While it was an exceptionally fun game on Xbox, I could tell from the first level why this would be a lot of fun in VR.

So, unfortunately (not for me), I was not able to keep my end of the bargain and did not "shut the f**k up about buying an Oculus Quest". Instead, I made sure I talked often and loudly. Especially when she was browsing the ol' {you know which social media app} and eventually the ads joined my crusade.

The "You Were Right" Award

Within 5 minutes of my wife playing it for the first time, I received the "okay, you were right" award. That's not to say it's perfect, but the advancement since our prior experiences with VR is astounding. This is certainly not the same as shoving your phone into a cardboard box. Despite its imperfections, the fact that there is a stand-alone unit that people can buy off the shelf and jump right into a completely immersive experience is nothing short of amazing. It's not for everyone, but I'm going to share my perspective, introduce some people to VR, and make some new friends who share this passion.

This, that, and then some ...

Be sure to check out my Social Media pages below. I'll be sharing a lot about VR games I'm enjoying, but there will be other content as well. Gaming, memes, humor, stories, links, and whatever else, who knows honestly. Just follow and subscribe, it'll be a good time!

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