Meet Donnie

Donnie (aka: Don, The Donnie, The Don, Scrappy Don, Scarface, Bad Luck Donnie, Snow Sparkles)

Donnie was born and raised in the streets of Nuberville, now he roams the local mansions and penthouses. He has risen to be called a 'business magnate' by the community, but the suspicions of the NVPD are that he is a high-ranking member of the Nuberville Meowfia.

While there is no official evidence of a criminal organization run by cats in Nuberville, the high-profile lifestyles of some of the neighborhood‘s feline population suggest fowl play. Fowl play is the illegal butchering and packaging of pigeons to look like chicken meat.

Cats will be cats

When the cat Is away, the mice will play. So the cats maintain their malicious dominance over the city through an ever-present showing of force, violence, and intimidation. They are the fiercest predators in all of Nuberville.

There are streams of evidence flowing towards Donnie from every direction. Yet in every single case, the trail stops long before we can pin anything to him. Officer Meoff has performed over 270 traffic stops and witness interviews with Donnie, but nothing ever sticks.

Where my DAWGS at?

Two opposite kinds of dogs have joined forces to rid the streets of the tyrannical cat Meowfia. At one point the NVPD trained a group of dogs thinking they could work well together. Through a series of unfortunate events, the dogs were relieved from duty and thrown into the cat-controlled streets. These highly trained dogs formed a pack and became privates detectives resolved to make the case.

The other group of dogs are those from the other side of the law. Street dawgs, roaming in packs, hustling to survive, as the constant target of violence at the claws of the Cat Meowfia. They survive in a state of fear, but that fear only sharpens their edge. Sometimes they handle the dirty deeds the detectives don't want to know about.

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