Meet Spencer Dennis

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

Over time you will meet a lot of characters around Nuberville, but few are as well known as Spencer Dennis. Spencer is the host of WPPBS’s Nuberville Nightly News, as well as the Spencer Dennis Podcast. Spencer is a newsroom veteran with over 3 years of experience and describes himself as a seeker of truths and a warrior for practical justice.

His fans adore him, his detractors detest him, his opponents loathe him, and within the journalism industry, well ... he's been officially voted "Least Trusted Name in Local News". Sure he makes mistakes due to his inexperience and overall stupidity, but he has a good heart. Getting to a truth is his higher calling, and he will stop at nothing to get to as many truths as he can.

The Spencer Dennis Podcast

Spencer gives the people a voice, but some of those people are as unhinged as Spencer himself. That's why the Spencer Dennis Podcast was created. Spencer was "tired of being shackled by the corporate advertising overlords that seek to enslave the human race as a bunch of brainwashed zombie consumer sheoples". On the podcast, Spencer claims he "surgically dissects topics too controversial for the Nightly News. The truths the newsroom producers just can't handle, or the legal department won't allow".

As it turns out his Advertisers don't seem to mind the podcast so long as he doesn't mention it directly on the Nightly News. No links, no mentions, not even hints. That's the arrangement as we understand it.

Dennis's Menaces

We've also been told that Spencer's fans have formed a tightly knit online community that call themselves "Dennis's Menaces". When Spencer first came under fire for the controversy surrounding the Hotline this merry band of misfits organized widely felt boycotts and online attacks. As a result, the controversy quickly squashed and never brought up again.

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