Top Ten Real Tips For Rideshare Riders

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

1. Don't be a dick

Seems harsh, but the good riders like yourself probably can't imagine just how rude and disrespectful people can be. It applies to drivers too. There's no reason we can't get from point A to point B and get along just fine, but when one person starts being a dick it tends to brings out the worst in others and conflicts ensue.

2. Respect the ride (vehicle)

Most of the time a driver's vehicle is his/her personal vehicle, please treat it with respect. There's typically no need to slam the doors, you're not going to look stupid if you don't close it hard enough the first time. When you have luggage or extra items please don't slam your stuff into the side of the car, and run the dirty suitcase wheels across the back sit. If you know you're going to get wet, dirty, or sweaty and then order a ride, please bring extra clothes. It takes a fair amount of driving to make decent money driving rideshare. Drivers don't need the hassle of deep cleaning the car after ever ride, and they certainly don't want to pull away from a ride with a fresh dent in their vehicle.

3.Know your app

Typically Drivers and Riders use seperate applications. That means many drivers have little to no experience using the rider app. Most of the time a rider can download the app, order a ride, and have no problems first try. If you're going to be using the app for frequent rides, take some time to familiarize yourself with its features, like for instance, adding a trip destination. Waiting until you and your drunk friends get into the vehicle to change plans without actually knowing how to do that can lead to problems. I actually had to ask two people to get out of my car last week because they canceled the trip to add a stop and ended up with a different driver. There are also typically features to send a message to your driver. This can be helpful in a variety of situations, but not if you don't know where to find it.

4. Be ready

We all struggle to get out the door from time to time. It's understandable, but try not to take advantage of your driver's patience. Ordering a ride at 1:45am when you don't intend to leave the bar until exactly 2 o'clock might not work out for you. When your driver is only two minutes away he only has to wait for 5 minutes to get a cancelation fee. Likewise, it would also be advisable to get your last drink and pay your tab BEFORE you order your ride.

5. Don't eat in the car

At least ask before you dive in! Some drivers don't like to let people eat in thier vehicles for two main reasons. First, crumbs and pieces of food seem to get left behind regardless of how hard the rider tries not to make a mess. Second, it leaves an odor in the car after you leave and the next passenger might be a total pain in the ass about it. Try not to plan on eating during your ride, or at the very least ask.

6. Don't be gross

Puking in your ride is absolutely disgusting and completely unacceptable. DON'T DO IT!

Equally as important is heigeine. If you're reading this and smell good don't sweat it, but theres a lot of nasty critters out there. Wash yourselves people, wear some deodorant, brush your teeth, pop in a mint. It's hard to imagine that adults need to be told this, especially in 2020 when hygein products cost next to nothing and are available everywhere.

7. Be mindful of your words

Let's keep it real, you're getting a ride from a stranger. Aside from the obvious categories to avoid (politics, religion, and sex) there are a lot of things said in my car that should have remained unsaid. Just becasue we're alone doesn't mean you can start talking racist bullshit. No I don't want to hear about how much the homeless people annoy you. It's not okay to ask if I "f#*k my wife's ribcage". Lastly, please stop talking about whether or not I plan to kidnap or kill you. I don't and that's a really creepy start to the ride. Stop it!

8. Don't try to scam

You know who you are! You've got the people running an active scam, then you have the false reports people. Both are assholes. If you have a legitimate complaint about a driver's safety or service, by all means, call support for the app you're using. If you're going to make false claims that get a driver deactivated so your lame ass can get a free ride, fuck you.

9. Drivers aren't servants

I try to be very accomodating to my riders, but even I have my limits. For instance, I'm not going to break into your houe for you becasue you forgot your keys. While I would be willing to help get your groceries out of the car, but I'm not going to take them into your house for you. I like to help load and unload the car to be a gentleman, but also so you don't dent my car.

10. Drop a tip and rate the ride

Tips are GREATLY appreciated! Even if a driver only does a decent job you should tip a dollar as a thank you, and up to $5 or more if they truly went above and beyond. It's harder than you think driving for a rideshare company, and a little extra goes a long way for drivers. I'll talk more about ratings later on this blog, but unless that driver truly sucked, give them 5 stars.

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