Welcome to Nuberville AGAIN

A little over a year ago I had what I thought was a fun idea. I had been working a gig as a rideshare driver and had collected some fun stories that could potentially be turned into an animated series.

Where did that year go?

Nuberville seemed like a good idea, but as we rolled into December the big news was coming in from China about the emergence of the COVID-19 virus. As you'll certainly be able to recall at the time of this writing, those few positive cases quickly turned into a worldwide shit storm.

I personally have not had the virus (that I'm aware of), but the mandatory lockdowns and quarantine restrictions quickly disrupted my fledgling social life, as well as my income. I was also suddenly thrust into the position of being required to homeschool my children every day. Since I was homeschooled, I already knew I didn't want to homeschool my kids.

Ultimately, I didn't drive for over three months from March until June. At that time I wasn't sure if or when ridesharing would ever become a viable gig again. The longer I was away from it, the harder it became to work on the content I had initially envisioned for this website.

As June rolled around, I finally reached a point where I needed to get back to work AND make up for the lost time. I was happy to be driving again, but ridesharing had definitely changed. The vibe was totally different, and it wasn't as fun as it had been.

My riders at that time were primarily essential workers going to and from work. A lot of those people were also rather pissy about the fact they HAD to go to work. Uncertainty was still hanging heavily in the air. The essential workers were mostly happy to still have a job, but workplaces were still being shut down on a moment's notice whenever people began testing positive for COVID-19.

Things improved over the summer. Restrictions were eased, outdoor dining was available in a lot of places, and people were slowly beginning to return to living again. Overall, things were brightening up aside from that goddamn election shit show.

I was hoping the virus would continue to die off, but as cold weather arrived this fall people naturally began heading indoors. Which inevitably triggered the fall resurgence we're experiencing right now. I'll admit I was a little bit hopeful the virus numbers were just being exploited for political gain in the Presidential election. As atrocious as that would be, I still prefer that to the reality that it's going to be a long anti-social winter with more lockdowns and restrictions.

Now what?

Well ... that is a damn fine question. I ... have no idea.

Uncertainty is looming in the air once again, but there has been a lot of talk that a COVID-19 vaccine could be available in the coming weeks/months. I am by no means an anti-vaxer, but in this case, I am leary of a vaccine that was quickly rushed to market. I don't think it's unfair to be a bit skeptical. I've seen and heard people's opinions this year that really blew my mind. It's clear to me, that we are very very confused and misinformed. As sad as that is, it's where we find ourselves. If you have all the answers, then by all means, please feel free to share them with the class.

In the meantime, I am recommitting myself to developing the characters and town of Nuberville. Getting the website set up was my first priority as this will be our home base. I will continue to share on social media, but all content will be shared here on the site first

Without further ado, I proudly welcome you to Nuberville ... again.

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