Welcome to Nuberville ... the game!

I've been working on a little something here in Nuberville and I can't wait to share it with you. Something I would have never thought imaginable, but now I'm almost ready to share with the world.

Throughout the pandemic, I have been working on designing characters for Nuberville, as well as studying animation and learning how to work with the tools on my computer to bring my characters to life. I have been passively posting some things on Social Media for fun, but certainly not pushing for an audience just yet.

Then one night back in December I was looking at a website and noticed a small link on the footer that said “we make board games too”. That piqued my interest, “it must be hard to come up with a new board game these days”, I said to myself. I clicked the link and found all of the standard parts you would need to make a board game. All I had to do was upload the designs. Well, that’s no problem at all.

A game huh?

My mind began racing. How would I even pick a type of game? Would it be a card game or a board game? Should it be ranchy like Cards Against Humanity or something I could enjoy with my own kids? Sci-fi? Fantasy? All of these thoughts poured into my mind within the first few seconds.

Within the first minute or so I calmed down and realized that I already had characters on my hard drive that could totally be useful. A rideshare board game isn't something I had ever heard, so I started from there.

SIDENOTE: There's an episode of Family Guy where Peter barrows Brian's car (a Prius) and some guy jumps in thinking it's his Uber. He then explains Uber to Peter and says "it's like a game because it's on your phone". Honestly, to me, that's a really good description of being an Uber Driver. Sometimes it really feels like a real-life version of Crazy Taxi, but you get real money for playing.

I grabbed a piece of paper and jotted down a basic sketch of the board and some rules. I spent about an hour and a half on that rough sketch, then another month and a half working on the board and card designs. At the end of designing the graphics, it was pretty much exactly what I envisioned on that rough outline that first night.

Coming ... soonish, very soonish

I was dead set on ordering a fully printed version of the game as my play-testing prototype. Ultimately though, I decided that was my ego wanting to crank out a completed version of the game at breakneck speed. I checked my ego a little bit and printed a full-sized version as a poster and had it laminated for durability. This approach has also allowed me to make changes to cards within a day or two and make those adjustments on the fly while testing.

I've been playtesting regularly with multiple people and it is a LOT of fun! The board is complete, but I'm still working on perfecting the right mixture of cards. I don't want to reveal too much just yet. Very soon though.

What I CAN tell you so far

The board represents the town of Nuberville and you are a Noob Rideshare Driver. You drive around town picking up passengers and taking them to their destinations for fares. Each Passenger has their own "Special Requests" which modify the gameplay while they are your passenger. There are also notification cards that can be picked up along the way for bonuses, but a fair warning, not all notifications are good news. Hustle your way around the board and see who can make the most money. Choose your routes wisely!


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